Water Tanks

Get the water tank you want with customised corrugated water tanks

Water is the essence of life. Secure your own water storage and supply with quality corrugated water tanks. Design your own Colorbond steel water tank to suit your water requirements or space available. 

Design your corrugated water tank online is easy:

  1. Configure the size of your water tank, and choose your preferred colour
  2. select positions for inlet(s), outlet(s) and overflow
  3. Get a price
  4. Submit your enquiry contact details and delivery address if required

Collect rainwater and secure water supply using corrugated water tanks

As we all know, Australia is one of the driest continents on earth and can experience long periods of drought. Installing steel water tanks can help to secure a reliable back up of water storage for times of low rainfall. Make sure you have water on hand for your garden, toilet flushing and laundry, washing the car or topping up the family swimming pool.Installing a quality corrugated water tank from Steeline is an investment and help you save on the water bill and the environment. Our corrugated water tanks are made from Australian made Bluescope Steel Aquaplate and backed by a 20 year material warranty. You can be rest assured your steel water tank will stand the test of time. Aquaplate steel complies with Australian Standards (AS4020) regarding safe water storage for human consumption.