Designer screen – modern and rustic

This designed screen blends in well in the industrial landscape at Steeline in Pambula and shields the building from the road.

The panels in Woodland Grey are 2.1 metres wide and held together by recycled posts. The combination looks both modern and rustic.

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Large Slimline raised garden bed – perfect for a tidy veggie garden

Spring is here and time to plant your veggie garden. Steeline Slimline garden beds are perfect for a starting a neat veggie garden. Have one or several in different shapes and colours.

The raised garden bed pictured is 640 mm high and blends in well in the garden landscape in colour Cottage Green.

Raised gardenbed


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Two-tone water tank in Pambula Beach

We recently made a two-tone tank in Aquaplate® Windspray and Woodland Grey to match the wall cladding on this contemporary home at Pambula Beach.

Colorbond Aquaplate water tank in Pambula Beach

Colorbond Aquaplate water tank in Pambula Beach.

This is a great example of how a Colorbond Aquaplate® water tank is not only functional for water conservation and storage but can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Colorbond watertank in Pambula Beach

Water tank part of the garden and landscape.

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Did you know!!!

Based on the design of a typical dwelling, the average suburban household has the ability to collect at least half its annual water consumption through rainwater harvesting.

Every milliliter of rain that falls on a square meter of roof will produce a litre of water. So on an average roof of say 250 square meters, you have the potential to harvest 2500 litres from a rainfall of 10mm.

To work out how much you can harvest, work out the area of your roof and find out your average rainfall for your local area. The math is simple.

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Latest news


Steeline is in the process of manufacturing eight 23000L water tanks to Rural Fire brigades throughout the Bega Valley to aid in valuble water storage to the remote areas of our shire.

Local firies were kept busy this summer period, not only locally but interstate as well. Several local fire fighters were flown to help battle fires over the country, particually in Tasmania where fires lashed the Apple Isle.


Round Tank


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